Client: Sharp Healthcare Foundation

The Sharp Healthcare Foundation establishes policies and determines the fundraising priorities for all Sharp’s hospitals and medical centers in San Diego County. Through fundraising, the Foundation fulfills its mission of enhancing the current and future health care needs for San Diego.

Phantastic Design assisted the Foundation in their fundraising goals by providing graphic design services to support these events such as Invitations, Postcards, Direct Mails, Display Banners, Event Program Books and Holidays Cards.

Holiday Cards

The Sharp HospiceCare Benefit Regatta - Direct Mailers


Sharp - Grossmont Hospital Foundation

Phantastic Design assisted the Foundation by providing graphic design services for their 30th Anniversary Grossmont Hospital Foundation Gala. Their theme was “Western Swing with a lot of Bling.  The marketing pieces provided by Phantastic Design included: Save the Date Postcards, Invitations, Banner Displays, Sponsor Posters and Program Books.

Save the Date Postcards




Banner Displays and Poster Signs


Program Books


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