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About us

Phantastic Design is a graphic design studio with over 15 years of experience in creative and quality graphic design solutions for Advertising, Print, Products and Web Design. From concept to printing, we help small and large businesses develop innovative messages for their specific market needs. Our expertise in a diverse range of applications and disciplines ensures that your objectives will always be met.

Phantastic Design is a DBE, SBE, ELBE & WMBE certified company.

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Graphic Design:
• Advertising: Direct Mails, Print Ads, Posters, Billboards, Mall Kiosks, Airport Dioramas
• Print Design: Annual Reports, Brochures, Newsletters, Logo Design, Invitations, PowerPoint Presentations
• Trade Show: Exhibit & Booth Graphics, Display Design, Sales Literature
• Web Design: Website Design, Web Banner Ads, E-Invitations

Print Management:
• Bidding: Selecting a reputable and reliable printer for your budget
• Scheduling: Coordinating printing schedule to ensure project deadline is met
• Production: Choosing the printing process that best meets the needs of your job
• Quality Control: Oversee the proofing process to ensure quality of final product and act as advocate if needed

Phantastic Design

8690 Aero Drive, Ste. 115, San Diego, CA 92123